Age - Is there an age limit to participate?
Yes, you need to have reached a certain age depending on distance. It is enough if you turn i.e. 18 later in the year.
Olympic distance: 18 years
Sprint distance: 16 years
Youth race: 14 years

Athletes Guide
Will be published closer to the race.

Bike - When can I check-in/out?
You can check in your bike from 90 minutes before your start until 30 minutes before your start. Check out starts at 11.00 and you have to pick up your bike before 17.00.

Bike - I don't have a bike (with me), can I rent one?
Race bikes are hard to come by in Stockholm, but there is a bike rental place that have some road race bikes and also "city bikes", which is located close to the event venue. www.bikesweden.se

Bike - Is my bike protected in the transition area?
The transition area is fenced with high fences and to collect your bike you need to show the bike (with a sticker with your startnumber) and race bib. The bike with sticker and the race bib is your ID to pick out your bike. 

Cancellation - What do I do if I can't start?
Unfortunately we can't issue any refunds.

Changing distance - Can I change from sprint to Olympic or the other way around?
Yes, you can. But you have to do it before July 27th. The cost of the change varies depending on when/how.

Changing name - Can I give away my slot to someone else?
Yes, you can. But you have to do it before July 27th. There will be a cost of 200 SEK for the change.

Chip - where do I send it?
If you collected your start envelop but didn't make it to the race - please return it to:
Ironman Sweden AB
Tulegatan 30
113 53 Stockholm

Drafting is not permitted in any of the classes. This means you need to keep a 10 meter distance to the person in front of you as long as you're not actively passing him/her.

Drinks - Will there be served any drinks during the race?
Energy sportsdrink and water are served at the run course after 2,5 km at the top of Slottsbacken and then at every lap until finish line. 

License - Do I need a race license? What if I want to enter the race classes?
You don't need a license in the recreational classes (motion). If you want to participate in the race classes (junior/senior/masters) you do need a race license. If you live in Sweden you need to be a member of a club that is part of the Swedish Triathlon Federation and pay your license fee. If you live in another country you will have to get the license in that country. Don't forget to bring proof of your license to the race.

Maximum time
You have to finish the bike leg before 15.00 and the run before 15.45, or you will be taken off the course.

Parking - Where can I park?
We have no designated parking spaces for the athletes, since we are in the middle of town. There are however some public parking spaces available in the area, but we advise everyone to avoid taking the car if at all possible. Access by car will also be limited once the race course is closed at 7 AM.

Race Bib pick-up
You pick up your race bib at the Expo next to the Royal Palace.
Friday, August 25th, 10-20.
Saturday, August 26th, 10-20.

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Rules - What rules apply during the race?
It's the rules of the Swedish Triathlon Federation that are used. These, for the most part, are the same as ITU's rules. This is a non-drafting race (10 meters).

Start times - When does the race start?
Will be announced closer to the race, but they will be between 08.00 and 14.00. The Olympic distance will go first, then the sprint and youth. 

Wetsuit - Do I need a wetsuit?
The rules for wetsuits follow the Swedish Triathlon Federation/ITU rules. In short this means that if the water temperature one hour before the race start is between 14 and 22 degrees (C) a wetsuit is allowed, but not mandatory. It's mandatory below 16 and above 22 degrees you can't use a wetsuit, all for health reasons.

Wetsuits with short arms/legs are still considered wetsuits and are therefore allowed when a wetsuit is allowed.

Wetsuits - where can I get a wetsuit?
The official swimwear partner Head will provide wetsuits for sale at the expo in the race village, Slottsbyn.