There are several distances to choose from, so we hope that there will be something to suit and challenge you.

For those who have not tried the triathlon before we try to describe the different distances below. But no matter what we say, you should obviously choose the one that you feel suits you the best.



Swim, one lap, 1500m
Bike, four laps, 38,4k
Run, from City Hall to the Palace and then three loops around Gamla Stan (The Old Town), 3k+3x2,3=9,9k

Swim, one lap, 400m
Bike, two laps, 19,2k
Run, from City Hall to the Palace and then one loop around Gamla Stan (The Old Town), 3k+2,3k=5,3k

In the relay, you are a team of three people who tackle the respective elements in a triathlon. One person takes on the swim, one gets to bike and one runs. You get to choose between either the Sprint or the Olympic Distance. The relay competition is perfect for a group of friends or colleagues (why not challenge another department?), as well as for those who may not want to take on an entire triathlon yourself or just want to have some fun with the gang.


For young people there is also a youth relay (400 meters swimming, 10 km cycling and 2.5 km running).