TriClub Program

European Middle East and Africa Regional Championship Series

Vattenfall World Triathlon Stockholm will be one of the 17 TriClub Qualification Races for the Regional Championship Final.Get your club mates together to fight for the 2017 TRICLUB CHAMPION TITLE!

17 Qualification Races all over Europe Middle East and Africa are leading up to one big Final Championship Race held annually towards the End of the Season. All clubs who become Top 3 in their division at one of the qualifying races will be awarded and are eligible to take part in the Final. Whereas in the Qualifying Races ALL members of the club count to the ranking, in the Final only the 5 Athletes with the highest amount of points will be taken for the club ranking. The club with the highest total amount of points will be crowned EUROPEAN MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICAN TRICLUB CHAMPION.

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